Self-Paced Professional Development

Nion’s self-paced professional development options allow you the opportunity to continue your professional growth when you want, where you want and on what you want!  

It’s as easy as:

  • Purchase the session online
  • Receive a link to a prerecorded session along with all related handouts for you to view
  • Complete a related activity sheet upon completion
  • Receive a certification of completion

Session Titles:

ADHD:  What it is, What it looks like, What to do

Cost $25 Purchase Session

A child with ADHD may seem like they are running circles around you and not connecting with your curriculum. Learn how to understand this diagnosis so that you can more positively relate to a child.  Look past the diagnosis and see the strengths of a child with ADHD.  We will go through ways to support building skills and capitalizing on a child’s abilities.

Marketing for Early Childhood Programs

Cost $25 Purchase Session

Are you monitoring your social media presence? Are you tracking where your referrals come from? Are you marketing today for your openings 6 months from now? These are some of the things that your should be looking at in your for marketing purposes. Join us for this free webinar to look at the critical items that every Director needs to have on their radar!

Professional Development with Impact:  Engaging Your Audience

Cost $25 Purchase Session

In Part 1 of Train the Trainer session, you will begin learning how to lead your own workshop.  Be confident in your abilities to meet the needs of your team. Learn how you can engage your audience and leave them energized to apply what they learned!

Professional Development with Impact:  Effective Communication

Cost $25 Purchase Session

Now that you have the confidence getting in front of an audience and know how to engage them, we will now focus on making sure the message you are communicating is clear.  In this session we will review the various ways you will communicate with your audience. You will be more aware of pitfalls so that your can be assured that your audience truly gains an understanding of the rich information you are providing.

Speech and Language Development in Young Children

Cost $25 Purchase Session

Language is a complex skill that children begin to develop right from birth. It is a key component in most other areas of development. In this session, we will review the stages of language development and how we can support young children. We will also become familiar with speech and language disorders so that you can help recognize if there is concern.

Successful Child Guidance:  101

Cost $25 Purchase Session 

Classrooms come in all different shapes, sizes and personalities!  Your child guidance practices need to reach each child. This introduction course will provide you with the basics of running a classroom that is engaging, positive and individualized.  We will see how your curriculum, learning environment and YOU play an important role in establishing a classroom where all children can succeed!

Successful Child Guidance:  What You Say – What They Hear

Cost $25 Purchase Session

Young children see the world through a very literal lens.  They can interpret a very different meaning from things adults say because they do not yet understand sarcasm, innuendos and even the humor that may be embedded into the message.  In this session, we will consider how some of our daily phrases may be misleading and how we can rephrase our message to instill a positive self-image and learning.

Successful Child Guidance:  Understanding Children Using DISC

Cost $25 Purchase Session

Successfully running a classroom goes beyond classroom rules and routines. Taking into account individual children’s personalities is key to being able to assure you are meeting individual children’s needs. Through using DISC, you will gain deeper insight into each individual child and provide you with direction into how to appropriately set expectations, adjust your curriculum and create an environment where every child feels valued. By doing this, you can prevent many moments seen as “behavioral issues”.

Successful Child Guidance:  Developing Support Plans

Cost $25 Purchase Session

You have tried everything and you still are not sure how to best support this child who is struggling in your classroom. You feel overwhelmed, the child is lashing out and the parents are frustrated. At this point, it may be time to really consider a documented plan to focus you, support the child and connect with the parents. Creating a support plan can bring all the people caring for this child to a common place that provides consistency and gets to the heart of the matter.

Successful Child Guidance:  Responding to Explosive Behaviors

Cost $25 Purchase Session

Do you have a child that lashes out physically and verbally? Does it effect your ability to run your classroom? Are you at a loss on how to keep this child safe as well as the other children in the room? We will talk about ways to help diffuse the situation and take steps towards team approach to supporting this child – and you!

More sessions to be added soon!